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Akal Sahai Tent & Caterers

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy Being The Perfect Host!

Every Indian Wedding is characterized by its traditions, cultural norms and rituals. And what’s a wedding without decorations? However, wedding decorations aren’t easy! A lot of hard work and perfect planning are required to decorate an Indian Wedding perfectly.

Thus, trust only wedding decoration experts like us! We’re the best  Wedding Decorators in Punjab for you, and guarantee perfect wedding decorations just as you wish! We have made thousands of events come to life that brought smiles to an endless number of faces. We specialize in providing decoration & catering services for wedding, reception, private parties, birthdays, corporate events, small function to largest and simplest to the most elegant.


Space Planning

As the event decorator, you’re responsible for the overall atmosphere of the event. Event decor is more than simple decoration. We offer design and decor services for every need. 

Your Vision - Our Innovation

How guests feel when they walk into the venue will affect their overall experience, and afterward, how fondly they remember it.

Designing & Conceptualization

Our vast experience is key in helping us suggest different themes and designs which suit your tastes and personality.